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Tons of fun for all ages! Challenging for adults and entertaining for youngsters.
Alien abduction? How about humans abducting aliens! Your mission is to find and release one of them to save the earth!
The most unique game around!
Price: $25/person Time: 60 min Persons: 10 max

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Island Dungeon Escape

You have 60 minutes lose your shackles in the dungeon, break out of the fort and escape the island through the beach before your merciless captors return. You are not a pirate and not looking for treasure. You are escaping to survive!
Unforgettable fun for the whole family or friends. Ideal for all ages.
Price: $25/person            Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max

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Prison Escape

Good luck outsmarting our highly trained prison guards!
Fun and challenge!

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It is a must to try while in Surfside Myrtle beach. You will experience the most fun you ever had in 60 minutes by escaping our deviously clever room escape games.


Corporate , Family Events

We specialize in designing our games to suit large groups while still maintaining the excitement and challenge for every player of the group. Carolina Escape Games provide the most fun events in Surfside Myrtle Beach to celebrate family events, birthdays and hold corporate events.


In Your Area

Our room escape games serving the following areas around Myrtle Beach

Surfside Beach
Garden City – Burgess
Murrells Inlet – Litchfield by the Sea
Pawleys Island – Georgetown
in South Carolina

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